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Harry Potter Smut

HP Smut
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Harry Potter Smut


This community was made for all of the people who like to skip the PG fiction of Harry Potter and go straight into the smuttier side. Here you can post, read, or comment on fiction that can be smutty or kinky or whatever.

At HP smut we accept all pairings, ratings (as long as they are R or higher), and kinks. So no one here will be left out.


1. This is an open community and if you don't like some of the material you see here, don't read it. It's that simple! Because flaming, or giving rude and negative feedback on someone's work, is not allowed.

2. This is strictly a Harry Potter community so if you want to post things about LOTR or anyhitng else, that's fine, but don't do it here.

3. This community will have fiction with ratings NC-17 so that means "adult material" will be present. Therefore it is advisable that anyone that joins this community is of the legal age to view the material. You will be held responsible for all materials shown. If you are not, please keep it to yourself and no one can stop you. This is an online community and I can not stop you from doing whatever but please keep it quiet if you are not old enough.

4. While posting fiction/artwork please keep it under a livejournal cut tag. Example: because it is annoying to see two thousand words of text on your friends' page.

5. Please include the following while submitting a fiction story and/or artwork.


6. Be polite and considerate, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!




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If you have a question, then send an e-mail using the contact information above!

Community founded by eliminate and maintained with purple_avocado. Send any comments/complaints/questions to one of them please! Or use the e-mail address listed.